Here’s how to get your arm loose to pitch better and reduce soreness

How to Get Your Arm Loose When Throwing Indoors

I recently shared a video showing how I recommend baseball players get your arm loose when playing catch.  I discussed that one of the biggest mistakes I see baseball players make is throwing too hard too early when playing catch.  If you haven’t watched it yet, click here to see my past post on The Biggest Mistake Baseball Players Make When Playing Catch.

In this past video, I demonstrated how to stretch your arm out with long toss but starting to throw harder on a line.  When getting your arm loose, you need to let distance dictate your intensity before you start throwing harder on a line.

A simple concept, but something that many amateur players do not perform well. More importantly, this is a common trait I see in players with sore arms.  They simply don’t know how to play catch well to get their arm loose.

But how do you do this indoors?


How to Get Your Arm Loose When Throwing Indoors

In the video below, I show the same concept, but how you can apply it when throwing indoors into a net.

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