The 4 Pillars to Maximize Baseball Potential

To maximize your baseball performance, you need to work with a team of specialists that are experts in taking care of baseball players.  However, without proper communication and collaboration, this team can not do it’s best to help you.

For … Read more >

Full Body Pitching Deceleration Drills

Building strength, creating mobility and optimizing mechanics can all increase pitching velocity.

Velocity may put the pitcher on the mound, but efficient deceleration will help keep him there and off the treatment table.  During the deceleration phase, the primary function … Read more >

Tunnel Vision: Making Every Pitch Look The Same

First and foremost – Velocity is STILL King, and for the foreseeable future, it will remain king. However, with the emphasis over the past ten years of throwing harder and harder, I feel that the art of pitching has been … Read more >

Can Your Athlete’s Joints Do What You’re Asking Them to Do?

When analyzing lower body mechanics, pitching coaches (and hitting coaches, for that matter) tend to pay a lot of attention to the hips. (If we’re being picky, what they are actually referring to is the pelvis. I’ll explain … Read more >

Exercises For Baseball Players Installment 1: Knee-to-Knee Rotational Med Ball Shotput

Throwing and hitting can take a toll on the body.

Here is an exercise that baseball players can use to not only groove appropriate hip loading but also teaches power with the movement, without actually throwing or swinging a bat. … Read more >

How to Throw to Prepare the Arm for the Season

One of the most important concepts when trying to prepare the arm for the baseball season is developing an appropriate offseason throwing program.  It is important that any throwing program consists of a rest period after a long summer, followed … Read more >

Why Building Muscle Mass Will Improve Your Pitching Velocity

Gaining pitching velocity is hard. I get it. It’s not easy, and it can feel overwhelming not knowing why you haven’t been making progress.  Here’s the thing: most high school and college pitchers don’t have the frame – and in … Read more >

Old Habits In Baseball That We Need to Revisit: Preparation for Practice and Competition

Strength training and physical preparation off of the baseball field are getting better on a daily basis. However, once baseball players step in between the lines, the old habits of warming-up still exist.

Warm-ups have evolved into a lazy, overlooked, … Read more >