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What 4 Months of Off-Season Strength Training Did for This Baseball Program

In this article, I will be breaking down the results of 8 baseball teams ranging from 13u to 18u which we had the pleasure of working with this off-season at Champion Physical Therapy and Performance. I will provide examples and how to’s of several exercises as well! See how this baseball program increased power, strength, and performance while improving all their data and testing numbers!

How to Program Medicine Balls Into Baseball Workouts

Medicine balls can help athletes increase power and strength throughout their entire body. By improving coordination, preventing injury, and improving kinetic linking, exercises incorporating med balls can have amazing benefits for your body and your sports performance. Here are some ways to incorporate them in your next workout and some quick tips and tricks to consider when using them.

Long-Term Development Plan for Baseball

When I asked baseball players and professionals if they wished they started strength training at an earlier age, 96% responded with “YES.” The earlier you begin to prepare for long-term success, the better. Here is a long-term development plan that will help assist baseball players from youth sports to high school to a professional career.