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Evidence-Based Inseason Arm Care for Baseball Players

This article outlines how to use recent research from ASMI to create an arm care system for players during baseball season. The most important changes have been linked to range of motion in the throwing arm. At our facility, we identify three changes in measurement as red flags while in season, and those are decreased shoulder flexion, decreased shoulder internal rotation and increasing shoulder external rotation. We have adopted specific mobility and stability exercises as part of an arm care system that draws heavily on this research.

3 Exercises to Improve Velocity in Tall Baseball Pitchers

Everyone wants to throw hard and recruiters want to see the potential to throw hard, for better or worse. As you see more players throwing over 90 MPH, there is a trend to see more players well over six feet tall. Being tall creates better lever arms to potentially throw gas, but it also creates the need for more stability across more real estate. Tall pitchers typically struggle with a few things in the weight room, and this article will detail a few of my favorite exercises to address those issues.

3 Important Exercises Baseball Players Should Perform Inseason

This article details three in-season lower body strength exercises to include in a baseball training program. Each exercise will focus on improving leg strength, core stability and general conditioning with the baseball player in mind. These three exercises are fantastic to include twice a week during in-season strength training on the day after a game. They will limit muscle soreness and promote faster recovery so players can keep throwing hard and hitting it deep. Learn how to properly execute the elevated trap bar speed deadlift, longs stride sled push and single leg box squat. Baseball players will begin to significantly increase the volume and intensity of hitting and throwing in early spring, and these strength exercises focus on maintaining muscle and strength to maximize performance and enhance recovery.