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4 Ways to Improve Your Command and Control in the Weight Room

Having better “control” means that your brain does a good job calling on the right muscles at the right time, and that you have the strength to maintain a stable platform to throw from. So really, when we’re talking about control, we’re talking about becoming more stable, which is basically talking about getting stronger.

This brings us back to Lantz’s comment. When a pitcher lacks the ability (stability) to maintain pelvic position, it’s hard to make an efficient rotation at front foot strike, while still maintaining his driveline to the plate. The outcome is usually missing high and arm side, in other words a lack of CONTROL.…

How to Use the Weight Room for Baseball Pitching Mechanical Issues

I truly believe that for those athletes that can do certain basic things properly the sky is the limit. However, the reality is that the underlying foundation that enables pitchers to do these “basic things” is great strength and mobility (in other words a good movement strategy). Let me first start by saying this, there is no pitching coach on the planet that can get a pitcher into a desired position if the athlete does not physically have the strength or mobility to get into that position. Period. There is plenty that you can address in the weight room before stepping onto the mound.

Addressing And Correcting Trunk Tilt At Foot Strike

Often when analyzing video of our young pitchers, I’ll come across what I call trunk tilt at foot strike. It’s quite common in younger throwers and is characterized by an excessive tilt towards your glove side. It can be caused by a few different things but today, we’re going to talk about 3 physical reasons that I see every day in our high school throwers and what I do to correct it.