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3 Exercise to Develop Rotational Power in Baseball Players

Rotational ability is one of the key components in transferring power from the lower half and core towards either the catcher (pitching) or ball (hitting). Developing proficiency in this area will help further progress the efficiency of a complete power transfer from the lower to upper half in either movement. In addition, rotational power in the hips can only be maximized if the upper back is adequately able to rotate at the same velocity with the same power. This article not only breaks down the importance of thoracic rotation, but also gives a three-exercise progression that can be used to build ultimate rotational power.

Why The 60-Yard Dash Is A Poor Way To Test Baseball Speed

While the 60-yard dash has been used for years to measure the speed of baseball players it is wildly ineffective and inaccurate. This article breaks down the phases of a linear sprint before showing what is involved in the 60-yard dash itself. Upon this break down the article then explains how speed is really used in baseball and why these facts show a change is needed in how we gauge true baseball speed.

4 Pressing Exercise Variations For Baseball Players

Many baseball players and coaches are mislead when it comes to programming pressing exercises and variations while strength training. This article delves into how to create proper external rotation of the shoulders and the role of the scapulae and upper back for baseball players. Finally, it breaks down exercises that are best for utilizing the upper back, and are thus most effective.