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How to Prevent Baseball Muscle Imbalances and Overuse Injuries

Baseball is a pattern overload sport, meaning the same movements are replicated thousands of times throughout a season. Since baseball is a one-sided sport, this pattern overload has the tendency to create muscle imbalances, often leading to injury and decreasing overall performance. Here are a few common problems that baseball players encounter, with suggestions on how to correct them.

10 Keys to a Better Long Toss Session for Baseball Pitchers

Every baseball player needs to have a strong, well-conditioned and healthy arm. It can be the deciding factor as to whether you move on to the next level. The primary goal of any throwing program should be to put the arm in the best position possible to be healthy and perform at the highest level. This article contains some key reminders to get the most out of your long toss sessions.

5 Rotational Power Exercises for Baseball Performance

A strengthening program for baseball that doesn’t include rotational movements and “controlled rotation” is simply incomplete. Most of the primary activities in baseball consist of some amount of rotation. Training should closely mimic the movements and energy systems utilized during the game. Try incorporating a variety of controlled rotational exercises and conditioning drills focusing on maximizing hip and core strength and coordination.