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Best Baseball Articles – November 25th, 2018

Catch up on the latest EBP content and articles from around the web. Each week EBP publishes a list of the top baseball articles from around the web. We’ll include a variety of articles on baseball coaching, skill training, performance enhancement, injury prevention, injury rehabilitation and more.

Basically, if the information is excellent and can help advance the game of baseball for players, parents, coaches, rehab specialists, and strength professions, we’ll help spread the word.

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  • Best Baseball Articles – December 16th, 2018
    by Brooks Klein on December 16, 2018 at 12:00 pm

    Each week EBP publishes a list of the top baseball articles from around the web on a variety of articles on baseball coaching, skill training, performance enhancement, injury prevention, injury rehabilitation, and more. This week's articles: Pitching – Mound Visits, Plyometrics for Baseball, and Sliders Hard to Hit? The post Best Baseball Articles – December 16th, 2018 appeared first on Elite Baseball Performance. […]

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Best Baseball Articles of the Week

EBP Best Articles of the Week

Rapsodo Hitting for Player Development

In this video, Rick Strickland discusses how his team uses the data from Rapsodo Hitting in pursuit of player development.

Hamstring Health in Baseball

One topic Jarad Vollkommer wants to bring up is hamstring health in baseball. How can we keep our hamstrings healthy?

Wood Bats or Aluminum Bats?

William Harris dives into the great mystery of which hits farther: wood or aluminum bats?



Brooks Klein

Brooks Klein

Brooks is a third-year Doctor of Physical Therapy student at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. In his final year of school, he completed a clinical rotation at Champion PT and Performance in Boston, MA. He has worked with baseball players from the youth level to the professional level.

Brooks is a former Division I baseball player for the University of Nevada, Reno, where he earned all-conference honors. He was named Capital One NCAA Division I Academic All-American his senior year in 2013. Prior to UNR, Brooks played baseball at Western Nevada College. A two-time letter winner for the Wildcats, he earned all-conference honors his sophomore campaign.

Brooks enjoys working with baseball players both as a coach and a student physical therapist. He has special interests in injury prevention, sport specialization, pitching and hitting biomechanics, and motor learning.
Brooks Klein
2 replies
  1. Kevin Cope PT
    Kevin Cope PT says:

    Brooks I saw 3 excellent HS training techniques in videos. All 3 in Sagittal plane. Any suggestions for Transverse plane training?

    • Brooks Klein
      Brooks Klein says:

      Hi Kevin! Thanks for the comment. Typically I stay in the sagittal plane if I’m programming specifically for hamstrings. Usually sagittal plane has the highest EMG activity — Nordics, leg curls, GHD hip extension, kettlebell swings, supine straight leg bridge, stiff-leg deadlift, etc. (Bourne et al. 2017). To add a transverse plane component, I would incorporate single leg work. Then movement is occurring in sagittal plane, but must be stable in frontal and transverse.


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