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Best Baseball Articles – November 12th, 2017

Each week EBP publishes a list of the top baseball articles from around the web.  We’ll include a variety of articles on baseball coaching, skill training, performance enhancement, injury prevention, injury rehabilitation and more.

Basically, if the information is excellent and can help advance the game of baseball for players, parents, coaches, rehab specialists, and strength professions, we’ll help spread the word.

Think your article is worth including?  We scan the web, but if you’d like to submit your article for consideration, please do so via The EBP Articles of the Week Submission Form.


Best Baseball Articles of the Week

The Art and Science of Baseball

Scott Brown, pitching coach at Vanderbilt, takes the old methods of baseball (the art of baseball as he calls it) and brings in the science to tackle new pitching metrics such as spin, spin rate, and spin efficiency.

  • The Art and Science of Baseball

How an Ace Performance Impacts Reliever Workloads

Michael Sonne gets into the differences between how pitchers are used between the regular season and the playoffs, and how the best performers are used differently than others.

Hitting – Hook Drill

Chris Hanks shares what he calls the “best drill I’ve found” with us.


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