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Best Baseball Articles – June 18th, 2017

Each week EBP publishes a list of the top baseball articles from around the web.  We’ll include a variety of articles on baseball coaching, skill training, performance enhancement, injury prevention, injury rehabilitation and more.

Basically, if the information is excellent and can help advance the game of baseball for players, parents, coaches, rehab specialists, and strength professions, we’ll help spread the word.

Think your article is worth including?  We scan the web, but if you’d like to submit your article for consideration, please do so via The EBP Articles of the Week Submission Form.


ASMI Injuries in Baseball

ASMI Injuries in Baseball 2017EBP has just released an online version of the 2017 ASMI Injuries in Baseball Conference, featuring world renowned speakers such as Dr. James Andrews, Dr. Glenn Fleisig, Kevin Wilk, Mike Reinold, and several MLB team physicians, athletic trainers, and strength coaches.  This is the premier conference for baseball related injuries and performance enhancement, with topics detailing pitching biomechanics, baseball specific functional anatomy, clinical examination, surgical management, injury rehabilitation, and performance enhancement for baseball players.

The ASMI Injuries in Baseball Conference is on sale this week for $100 off now through Sunday June 25th at midnight EST.


Best Baseball Articles of the Week

Forget Velocity, the Curveball’s Resurgence is Changing Modern Pitching

Tom Verducci has an article up on the SportsIllustrated.com on how the curveball is making a comeback and changing the way the game is played.

These Days in Baseball, Every Batter is Trying to Find an Angle

Dave Sheinin has an article on TheWashingtonPost.com on how batters are changing the way they hit the ball. He also goes on to talk about how the launch angle affects each hit.

How To Corkscrew The Hips – Ride The Slide and Turn The Corner to Higher Velocity!

Lantz Wheeler has an article up on BaseballThinkTank.com about how kinetic energy can help increase the velocity of the pitch. He also shows some great ways to implement the Core Velocity Belt. 


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Mike Reinold, DPT, SCS, CSCS, is a world renowned physical therapist and performance enhancement specialist and the former Head Athletic Trainer and Physical Therapist of the Boston Red Sox.He is currently the owner of MikeReinold.com and Champion PT and Performance just outside Boston, MA.
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  1. Nathan McCauley
    Nathan McCauley says:

    I find the corkscrew hip concept pretty interesting. There are a lot of false teachings out there of pitchers trying to teach increasing stride length by simply telling a pitcher to stride further or “get extension”. I believe the length of the stride is a product of the duration of the ride. We work on drills that force players to get into a glute activated position with hip internal rotation on their plant leg quite often. This looks like a drill that is doing what I call “feed the mistake”. The resistance of the band appears to be pulling the pitcher into a “corkscrew” position out of that glute activated position and creates a feel for the pitcher to drive his plant leg opposite the resistance applied by the band or he would lose his balance. Interesting concept of application of resistance to force muscle activation in the opposite direction in my opinion. Thanks for sharing.


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